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Fertility Awareness

fertility awareness using the femSense ovulation tracker®

The femSense ovulation tracker app will tell you at a glance whether today your fertility is high or low. The temperature-sensitive patch uses the temperature method to confirm ovulation has taken place and notifies you via the app whether your fertility level is high or low.

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The femSense ovulation tracker® system

femSense ovulation tracker is an ovulation test that can predict your fertile window and confirm ovulation has taken place.

femSense ovulation tracker is more than just an ovulation calculator – it can predict your fertile window and measure ovulation.Based on the well-known temperature method, the femSense ovulation tracker sensor patch measures your body temperature 24/7 during your fertile window, the app interprets the measurements and gives you daily updates on your fertility status.

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femSense ovulation tracker is simple and easy to use



Download the app

and buy your patches. Register and enter the required details in the app so that it can predict your fertile days and notify you when it is time to apply the patch.



Apply the patch

The patch will measure your temperature continuously until it has measured and confirmed ovulation. The patch should be read twice a day so that the app always has the most recent data measurements.



Confirm fertility

The patch will measure your temperature continuously until it has measured and confirmed ovulation. The patch should be read twice a day so that the app always has the most recent data measurements.

Body temperature – a key
indicator of ovulation


There is a direct connection between body temperature and ovulation. The tiny rise in basal body temperature after ovulation is as a direct result of ovulation and is a sure sign that ovulation has occurred

The femSense Ovulation Tracker System

femSense ovulation tracker will do all the temperature method measurement, charting and analysis for you. You can add other cycle observations to the calendar for effective fertility awareness.

Discover the app!

The femSense ovulation tracker app not only guides you every step of the way through your cycle, keeping you informed on your fertility status, it also functions as a period diary, allowing you to keep a record of many other aspects of your cycle and lifestyle which might affect your cycle. This information is gathered in the statistics where you can interpret it or look for patterns.

Watch for patterns in the statistics

How long is my cycle or period? Do I always get headaches or hunger attacks before my period? The more information you put in the more you get out.

Make Notes

Add your own personal observations here, add details you may find relevant to your cycle

Fertility status at a glance

Your daily and monthly fertility status can be seen in the calendar. Predicted status is updated once ovulation has been confirmed.

femSense ovulation tracker makes sense


„femSense can help“

One cycle with femSense ovulation tracker and I got pregnant. the system was really super easy and a bit exciting.

Stefanie, 27
femSense Ovulation Tracker Success Story


I recommend the discreet sensor patch to all my patients. The continuous temperature measurement possible with the patch is truly revolutionary.

Dr. Schenk, MAS
Medical Specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Expert in Clinical Embryology.

„A Gift“

Wear the patch for a few days during my cycle, get a read out on my phone and pinpoint my fertile days. so easy!

Idia O.
femSense User

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