femSense Ovulation Tracker - 3 Pack

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  • Confirms ovulation with 99.73% accuracy
  • Over 14,000 reported pregnancies while using the system
  • Over 650 5-star reviews
  • Includes free femSense app
  • Just 1 patch per cycle

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femSense Ovulation Tracker - 3 Pack
femSense Ovulation Tracker - 3 Pack
Regular price $32.99
Sale price


How accurate is femSense?

How many patches do I use per cycle?

Who can use femSense?

How does the femSense patch work?

How does femSense know when I am fertile?

Track and confirm ovulation with the femSense ovulation tracker patch and app.

  • Confirms ovulation with 99.73% accuracy

  • Over 14,000 reported pregnancies while using the system*

  • Includes the free femSense app

  • Over 650 5-star reviews**

Based on the well-known temperature method, femSense ovulation tracker temperature patch measures your body temperature during your fertile window, the algorithm interprets the temperature measurements, and the app gives you daily updates on your fertility status. When used correctly, femSense predicts and confirms ovulation with 99.73% accuracy.


14,000 babies born to women in the European Union who used femSense to identify their ovulation. Reported using the femSense app.

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Temperature Method

Ovulation Strips (LH tests)

Tracking Apps 
Confirms Ovulation
99.3% accurate

78% accurate


97% accurate

21% accurate
Predicts Ovulation


Measurement Method
Continuous measurement
Take temp multiple times


Pee on a stick for 5 or more days

Guess your cycle
Hygienic & non-invasive


Simplicity of Use


Track Symptoms & Health


See Stats & Patterns
No No Yes


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Success Stories

Thanks to femSense, I got pregnant in the 4th cycle. Using femSense showed me that my ovulation happens earlier than I had always assumed.

Marija, 38

After several cycles trying to get pregnant, I started looking for a reliable cycle tracker. femSense seemed easy to use and I got pregnant the first time. I was sure I knew my cycle well before using it. However, the patch showed my ovulation two days earlier than predicted in the cycle apps. That seems to have been spot on. Without femSense, I would have missed my ovulation.

Lena, 29

I used femSense for 7 months and it was totally easy to use. I couldn’t believe my luck. One day after my birthday I found out that we were pregnant. It was a wonderful and indescribable feeling.

Nina, 35

femSense takes away all the hard work and lets you enjoy the fun stuff. I found it easier than measuring with a basal thermometer every day, or doing ovulation tests every morning.

Jessi, 33

Unfortunately, my cycle was quite irregular. I used the patches in combination with ovulation prediction strips and they both measured my ovulation. I had used just ovulation test strips previously. I needed the patch for 2 cycles. It was important to me that I could rely on the patch and to see everything in the calendar. Every couple shoud try the patches.

Sandra, 25

I had been trying for 8 months. My cycle was irregular and we had been through several examinations by doctors without finding anything. I couldn’t cope with taking my temperature and checking my cervical mucus every day! I only used one patch (I still can’t believe it

Sabi, 33

We had tried for 1.5 years to get pregnant, and finally it happened. Sadly, that baby didn’t want to stay with us, and I didn’t have the patience to wait any longer. After just one patch, it worked. I recommend femSense to all my girlfriends

Alina, 32

For the first two “practice cycles“ we used a urine ovulation test, but since I work shifts, it was difficult for me to stick to the schedule. I looked for alternatives, and femSense was the most suitable solution for us. The application is really very easy. My husband came home and the first thing he did was read my patch.

I got pregnant straight away, in the first cycle with femSense :) I thought it would take up to a year to get my hormones back on track because I had been taking the pill for so many years.

Sabine, 25

I used ovulation prediction tests for one cycle, I found them exhausting. The patch seemed like a great alternative. The application is really easy. I was skeptical at first about whether the patch would hold up in the shower etc., but it always stuck on really securely! You don’t even notice it. Don’t drive yourself crazy. If you are looking for a simple method that is effective and reliable, femSense is the right choice.

Marie, 30

I was pregnant after 3 months, using femSense was really simple and straightforward. It was important to me to get the timing right because we didn’t have many opportunities to try. I couldn’t believe it at first, now I am just grateful and happy, and I hope that everything will go well one last time and our family will then be complete. I would recommend femSense without hesitation - it gave me a safe and secure feeling that I was not missing the right time.

Katharina, 39

We had tried IVF for one year, but I had had enough so we needed to find an alternative. Because of the hormone treatment, my ovulation and menstrual cycle were all mixed up. femSense made it so easy for me. It was easy to understand and unlike other methods didn’t involve taking and charting my temperature myself. It was simple – stick on a patch, hold your mobile phone up to it in the morning, and that’s it!

I only used 2 patches before getting pregnant! Never stop hoping, one day you too will hold your happiness in your arms.

Emma, 35

Using the femSense System

1 - Download the app

When you buy your patches, download the app. Register and enter the required details in the app so that it can predict your fertile days and notify you when it is time to apply the patch.

2 - Apply the patch

The patch will measure your temperature continuously until it has measured and confirmed ovulation. The patch should be read twice a day so that the app always has the most recent data measurements.

3 - Confirm fertility

The patch will measure your temperature continuously until it has measured and confirmed ovulation. The patch should be read twice a day so that the app always has the most recent data measurements.

Hormone Free and Natural

Measures Your Temperature 24/7

FDA Cleared

No More Charting

No More Alarms for Temp Readings

No Peeing on Sticks