Comparing Fertility Trackers

If you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use tool to help you with the option to track your cycle for birth control or planning a pregnancy, femSense® has got you covered! Enjoy the convenience of not peeing on sticks or interpreting complicated temperature graphs, as femSense® does all this work for you. Discover more about your menstrual cycle effortlessly, while also being able to predict your fertile window and confirm ovulation with the help of our sensor patches. femSense® is ready to be there with you throughout every step of the journey.


See How femSense® Stacks Up:


Temperature Method

Ovulation Strips (LH tests)

Tracking Apps 

Confirms Ovulation
99.3% accurate

78% accurate

97% accurate

21% accurate
Predicts Ovulation
Yes No Yes No
Measurement Method
24/7 measurement Take temp multiple times

Pee on a stick for 5 or more days

Guess your cycle
Hygienic & non-invasive
Yes Yes


Simplicity of Use
Yes No


Track Symptoms & Health
Yes No


See Stats & Patterns
Yes No No Yes



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