Fertility Tracking
Made Simple

Pinpoint your day of ovulation so you always know when you are most fertile.

The Easiest Way to Confirm Your Ovulation

Step 1: Get femSense

You only need one patch per cycle and the app is free!

Step 2: Wear the Patch

The app tells you when to apply it - during your fertile window.

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Step 3: Confirm Ovulation

Scan 2x per day - the alerts you when it senses ovulation!

femSense Tells You When

The femSense ovulation tracker is the fastest way to find out when you are most fertile so you can plan accordingly. A clinical study proved the accuracy of the sensor patch, and an independent Swiss statistics institute has confirmed that femSense is 99.73% accurate when predicting ovulation.

Based on the well-known temperature method (or basal body temperature method, BBT), femSense ovulation tracker patch measures your body temperature during your fertile window and pinpoints your ovulation - femSense does the work for you, all you have to do is scan!

Co-Created & Trusted By Fertility Experts

"I recommend the discreet sensor patch to all my patients. The continuous temperature measurement possible with the patch is truly revolutionary."

Dr. Schenk, MAS

Medical Specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Expert in Clinical Embryology.

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