Recycling Program

femSense recycling

How it works:

1. Collect at least 6 patches for recycling.

Once you have collected six patches, you can participate in our recycling program, and you will receive a code for a discount on your next order.

2. Contact Us for a Return Label

Reach out to, and we will respond with a paid return label.

3. Return the patches to femSense® by post.

Put the used patches in a shipping envelope and ship them to femSense® using the provided label.

4. Discount Code

Your discount code will be emailed to the email address used for your previous orders - the email where your return label was requested. If you do not need more femSense® patches, you can pass on the discount code to a friend who wants to measure her ovulation and fertile days with the femSense® fertility tracker.


The sensor encased in the femSense® patch uses a battery as an energy source, it must not be disposed of with regular household waste but should be disposed of in accordance with the relevant local regulations.