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femSense Ovulation Tracker

femSense Ovulation Tracker

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Track and confirm ovulation with the femSense ovulation tracker patch and app.

Based on the well-known temperature method, femSense ovulation tracker temperature patch measures your body temperature during your fertile window, the algorithm interprets the temperature measurements, and the app gives you daily updates on your fertility status.

Who can use femSense?

femSense is suitable for fertile women who bleed and ovulate. If your cycle is between 21 and 35 days and the cycles do not differ more than +/- 3 days: femSense is for you!
If your menstrual cycle is irregular, then femSense cannot reliably predict your fertile window. In this case we recommend that you consult a doctor before choosing femSense.

How does the femSense patch work?

The femSense System consists of a very precise temperature sensor embedded in an adhesive patch and the supporting app.

The sensor patch is worn underneath your arm.Once activated the patch measures the body temperature continuously, 24/7, for up to 7 days.To work correctly the patch should be read by your NFC capable smart device at least once (1) a day. The app will ask you to read the patch twice (2) a day for optimal evaluation.femSense tells you when you are fertile and, based on the recorded temperature data, femSense can detect and confirm ovulation.Every month the app reminds you when to apply the patch, when to read the patch, and when you are fertile.

How does femSense know when I am fertile?

femSense reliably detects your ovulation and most fertile days using continuous temperature measurement and the well-known temperature method.
Based on your previous periods the femSense app can predict your fertile window, the days you are most likely to get pregnant. The femSense sensor patch measures your body temperature continuously, 24/7 during your fertile window to measure and confirm your ovulation. You are fertile in the days shortly before and immediately after ovulation.

How accurate is femSense?

The temperature sensor used in the femSense patches detects temperature differences smaller than 0.1°C and was especially designed to detect the postovulatory temperature rise, which is typically between 0.2°C-0.5°C.
In contrast to the basic basal temperature measurement method the patch records a temperature value several times per hour. As the patch is always in the same position, measurement artifacts can be minimized.

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